Baron Tayler, CH, CFHI - Forensic Hypnosis Investigator
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About Baron Tayler

Baron Tayler, CHBaron has a background of invention and innovation, having been an entreprenuer his entire life. From manufacturing to finance companies, and a 15 year stint as a professional webmaster, Baron has always enjoyed thinking "outside the box." Currently an FAA certificated flight instructor, Baron has always enjoyed solving problems. Seven years ago, after researching hypnosis and coming to the realization that many people can be helped through the proper application of hypnotherapy, Baron decided to study, become certified and has established a full-time practice, Inception Hypnotherapy, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Clients have traveled from as far as New York City to use Baron's services.

In 2012 Baron became interested in forensic hypnosis investigation. Having read about the more famous cases which were solved with the help of forensic hypnosis, such as the Chowchilla kidnapping case, the Boston Strangler (Albert DeSalvo), Ted Bundy, and the acquittal of Sam Sheppard (the Fugitive), it made Baron even more curious as to how often forensic hypnosis is utilized in the court system, and by investigative agencies. It turns out that forensic hypnosis investigation is used in hundreds of cases every year, and every major investigative agency, from the FBI to the NTSB also use it when appropriate.

Once convinced of its usefulness, Baron researched various courses, to decide which to study and become a Certified Forensic Hypnosis Investigator. It turned out the decision was easy. Marx Howell, employed by the Texas Department of Public Safety for almost 30 years, had developed the courses used by the TDPS for their CFHI personnel. Mr. Howell is recognized as the most experienced Forensic Hypnosis Investigator in the world, and has taught his courses to dozens of law enforcement agencies world-wide. These courses were purchased by the The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards, which is now the only organization allowed to offer them.

Baron enrolled in the CFHI courses offered by The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards, and having completed them, is now a CFHI.

It's important to understand the difference between therapeutic hypnotherapy, practiced by Baron on a one-to-one basis at Inception Hypnotherapy, and forensic hypnosis investigation. When a client asks Baron to help them using therapeutic hypnotherapy, the client has issues that they would like to resolve. (Please visit the Inception Hypnotherapy web site for additional details.) When performing a forensic hypnosis investigation session, the protocols are very strict. Baron must remain absolutely neutral at all times, never giving any indication of what information the person being interviwed should provide. If there was any indication that Baron was affecting the answers provided by the person being interviewed, opposing counsel would be able to challenge the whole process, and any information acquired would be inadmissable.

The training necessary to conduct forensic hypnosis interviews in this manner takes considerable effort and disipline. Baron is happy to be able to offer his services to all who may benefit.

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