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A frequently asked question is: Will the results of hypnotically refreshed memory be admissable in court?

There is no simple definitive answer. Every defendant has the Constitutional right to use hypnotically refreshed memory in their defense, as was established by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1987, in the case of Rock versus Arkansas. The court ruled that absolutely barring hypnotically derived testimony was an impermissable and arbitrary violation of the 6th Amendment right to testify in your own defense.

In regards to the admissability of hypnotically refreshed memory of witnesses or victims, the Judges wrote in Zani vs. State (1988), "For if safeguards, corroboration and traditional means of testing believability of eyewitness testimony are deemed sufficient tests of reliability to require admission of hypnotically refreshed testimony on behalf of the accused in certain cases, they must also be considered sufficient gauges of reliability to permit admission of such testimony when proffered by the State in certain others."

In other words, the admissibility is determined on a case-by-case basis by the Judge, usually in a pre-trial hearing. If the forensic hypnosis sessions have been conducted by a trained, certified Forensic Hypnosis Investigator, such as Baron Tayler, who adheres to all of the safeduards established in the case of Zani vs. State, the odds are excellent that information elicited during the forensic hyspnosis sessions will be admitted, and the appropriate people will be allowed to testify.

It should be noted that forensic hypnosis is usually used for investigative purposes, helping verify information or develop new leads. To be most useful, information revealed during a forensic hypnosis session should be corroborated.

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