Baron Tayler, CH, CFHI - Forensic Hypnosis Investigator
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If you are a member of a Law Enforcement Agency, please ask yourself these questions:

Do the victims have clear recollections of the events relevant to what happened to them or what they experienced, thereby providing the information you need to arrest the perpetrator, and provide information to the prosecutor?

Do the witnesses have clear recollections of the information you need to arrest the perpetrator, and provide information to the prosecutor?

During interviews and depositions with the witnesses or victims, do you ever hear the answers, "I'm not sure," "I think it happened this way," "It happened so fast," "I know I saw it, but I can't remember," or other similar responses? Sometimes the critical information you need to arrest and provide information to the prosecutor seems to be just out of reach.

Forensic Hypnosis Investigation may be the solution to this problem. Why take the chance of not being able to make the arrest, when the facts and information you need may be available?

Call Baron Tayler, now, at 717-279-6666 for a free consultation, and find out why Forensic Hypnosis Investigation should be one of the resources in your investigative toolbox.




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